AGEIA PhysX Engines 1.0

Free AGEIA PhysX Engines help realistic simulation of 3D graphics by laws of physics
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AGEIA PhysX is a hardware component inlcuded with many graphic cards mainly from aTI and NVIDIA. AGEIA company is now under NVIDIA Corporation.
AGEIA PhysX as the name indicate, is used to control or helps to easily render 3D which require a realistic motion. For example, a ball hitting a pile of blocks (maybe made of plastic) rendered using AGEIA PhysX claculates the motion of each and every piece / block using the laws of Physics, considering facts like the weight and density of each block, the air resistance, gravity of earth, etc. A bomb exploding requires even more complex calculations.

So, graphic cards with this feature can be used to create realistic motion of objects and helps in scientific simulation.

AGEIA PhysX Engines are the software part which acts as the driver. Consider it as analogous to the DirectX software and the hardware as DirectX hardware support.

The software is installed with a graphic driver. If your graphic card support AGEIA or not, you can install it separately. But as software rendering is very slow, using just the processor, installing this very much slows down the games using AGEIA PHYSIX, if your graphics hard doesn't support it.

Now, the program contains many tabs and
"Info" tab lists the AGEIA PhysX Engine installed and also hardware properties.
"Demo" tab lists some demo programs to test the AGEIA Physix. One simulation has a pile of some rectangular boxes and we can throw balls at it.
"Settings" tab lists all the settings you can configure. We can test the graphics card, and reset AGEIA in case a game hangs.

The download link i porvided are links to download graphic drivers for your graphic card. AGEIA is included with it.

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